Saturday, May 06, 2006

Garbageman Prank

Watch this till the end!

Dead Body Prank

Totally Busted Prank

It's a nice prank, brought to you by Playboy TV

Do Your Own Prank: Learn From Emo Trick

Learn how to fake out your friends and family by acting like your cutting your wrists!!!

Funny Prank Call

Watch it, it is hilarious.

Funny Monster Prank

A woman pretends to need help getting her wallet that fell in a lake. But after they are trying to pull it out, it was a MONSTER. WOW!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Funny Camera Trick Prank

Some Cameras Can Take More Than What They Should Bargain For.

Animal Prank: Dog Noise

Can a dog produce different kind of noises?

Funny Prank: Boner In Public

This guy plays prank on the public by putting something in his pants that resembles a huge boner.

Funny Commerical - Killzone tv advertisement PS2

Funny Commercial - the Amazing Dog

How about play table tennis with this amazing animal?

Funny moments with Kids

Kids can have fun too.

Sport: Funny Skating Accident

Kid hit the car at the end of the run!

Funny Sexy Girls Dancing

Animal: Smart and Funny Bird

Can your bird do these tricks?

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Funny MTV: Paris Hilton vs Jessica Simpson - Car Wash Show Down

Whicj girl will win the sexy contest? You decide!

Sport: Girl Jump Through Basket

This is an outrageous video clip. How could this stupid girl let these irresponsible guys flip her thru the basket as a guinea pig? She can be hurt badly if it failed.
Don't be so stupid, people! Just say no! Tell your love ones to watch this and avoid this kind of experiement in the future. There is nothing to be gain here except failures with multiple bone fractures.

Funny Commercial - Israel Beach Girl : The Holy Land.

Funny Sexy Car Wash Chics

Funny, Sexy, and Hot Chistin Aguilera Video Clip

britney presenting kanye west

britney spears at the bilboards award presenting kanye crowd yells britney's name and look what britney replies..very funny.