Saturday, March 11, 2006

Amazing Card Trick

Funny Rav4 Commercial

cheney shoots friend

Dog fight or love?

Bush in China

Best Buy - Crazy Guys

Silly Bear fight Commercial

kicked in the nuts

Mad TV - Movie Trailers - Geisha

Amazing Magic Tricks

Friday, March 10, 2006

Cool Video on Car Chase

Funny japp commercial

Funny Commercial - PEPSI vs coke

Never Pull Off The Road To Poop - Very Funny

This is very funny. Poop on the side? I don't think so!

Fat Girl on Bike

How to fold a T shirt - Amazing!

The Japanese are incredible. With this video you will never consider folding your T shirts the same way again

How to Get a Boyfriend

Strange JuicyFruit Commercial

gammel dansk - language school

Snl Axis of Evil


I am canadian molsen beer commercial

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Mad TV - John Madden

Magic Card Trick

Strong Granny!!

Watch closely how she did it!!

Very funny Candy Bar Commercial - In the sun

Visa - Giant Burger

Life takes determination. And this guy has it. Watch his incredible determination as he eats a giant hamburger.

Careerbuilder - Monkey Profits

A man is upset when all of his monkey coworkers insist on partying while pretending their profits are up.

Careerbuilder - Monkeys and Jackasses

Coors - Super Bowl Contest

A wife brings a man to visit a doctor after he goes into shock when he wins tickets to the Super Bowl.

Bud Light - Hide Beer In Office

funny spanish beer commercial

ISP Commercial - Need more Speed

MTV Parody - Spiderman

Funny Photocopy

Parking - Is my car OK??

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Monkey vs Tiger

Monkey is giving hard time to the tigers. A very smart monkey.

Funny Hyundai Commercial

Ridiculous Pick-up lines

10 ways that girls can ruin a first encounter

Horse poops on woman's head


Donald Trump says he would date his daughter

Funny Head Jump


Suzuki Tv Ad

Funny Cats

Cool Hamberger Magic Tricks

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

cyril takayama illusion - it is magic

Whopper Family Values

2006 Canadian Federal Election commercial: Iraq

girl on web cam

Funny Mastercard Commercial

Samurai Panda Commercial

Banned Commercials - Budwieser Grandma Wassup

Funny Sony PSP Commercial

Funny and Silly Guy

Watch until the end.

Funny FedEx Commercial - Airbags save lives. But not this airbag....

Mad TV - Hype Jingleberries at Retirement Home

Mad TV - Wheel of Fortune with Pamela Anderson

Dancing Cop

Oil Fury Short Movie

Funny Kenwood Commercial

Funny Coffee holder

Monday, March 06, 2006

Funny Pictures

Funny Milk Commercial

Funny Cow Fighting

Get a job!

Cop Kicker

Wedding Crashers New Trailer

Mad TV - Commercial Spishak Baby Blaster

NBA Jam Session 2006

Funny cell phone commercial

Watch out! Mr. Smart!

Cool Mayor

Just look at the guy in right corner and his reaction to the girl slipping!


Silly Insurance Commercial