Saturday, April 22, 2006

Girl's Skirt Caught In Car Door Prank

Would you help the pretty girl to get her skirt back?

Funny Glued Coin Prank Video

Would you pick up the coin?

090306 - wqyl - xiaoqiao's girl dance

Funny Chinese show: competition of beauty - xiaoqiao perform typhoon, 183 clubs, kone, 5566 's dances

Miyavi- SSS Dance Lesson

Funny Michael Jackson Dance Impression?

Mall Collapse Prank

How would you react if somebody told you that the ceiling is falling?

Friday, April 21, 2006

Funny Cop Kicker Prank

People are accused of kicking the cop because of the old lady, just watch the clip, it is funny.

Cool Amazing Juggling Finale

Chris Bliss performing an amazing juggling routine tricks

Funny Bear Commercial with Girls Kissing

Can your beers do that?

Cool Crazy Russian Climbing Tricks

These kids can do amazing climbing tricks like the circus people, except I believe that they are no professionals.

Incredible Magic Trick - levitating woman

Street magician performing in Japan. Most dialogue is in Japanese, but you don't need to understand to appreciate the talent.

Funny Japanese slap gameshow

Hilarious show which you don't need to know Japanese to watch it.

Japanese- Bounce Girl Candy Commercial

Fun bouncing Japanese gal

Sport: Ronaldinho Hits the Crossbar 4 Times in a Row

Do you believe him? Is this real? Hits the Crossbar 4 Times in a Row! Is this an edited film clip video?

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Reklama - Funny Beer Commercial

Hottie Girl opened the beer bottle with her chest, wow!

Cool Video - A Marvel of Science, Incredible Machines

Girl Power - Fit Girl crashes an Apple with her Bicep

An real fit hottie crashes an apple with her ripped bicep. Very impressive. It is incredible power by a girl like her. Can you match her power?

Woman's version of McDonald Commercial

Have you seen the girl version of McDonald?

Girl: It is about Sexy PAMELA ANDERSON

Arts and clips of PAMELA ANDERSON

Sport - rally car takes out crowd

A rally car crashed into a massive crowd and took them all out!!! The moral of the story: stay away in the area that is no safe to watch rally car race, because anything could happen like this one.

Funny Dave Letterman and Napoleon Dynamite

Cool Clip - Over Consumption- A day in the life of a U of A Student

With record breaking price of oil is increasing each day, do we want to save energy, Here is an interesting clip on "10 minute Documentary on energy, food, and water waste". What do you think? Any comment?

Funny India Driving

A very funny look at how people drive in india.
The rules are quite different there.
Watch the white car in the top center going against traffic.
No traffic control in a orderly fashion


Very funny comedy

Sport Nude Humor

Watch this guy how he finishes his routines.

Funny Screen Scare

Pay attention on how scared she was? You will be amazed! Will you be scared if she were you?!

Funny: Jay Leno Easter Bible Quiz

Tonight Show with Jay Leno Doing his Jay Walking Street Easter Quiz segment pretty funny stuff!!

Accident: Gas Station Adventure

Guy got hit a pair of speedy tires. Be careful on your surrending, it is real.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sport: Mountain Biker took a Bad Fall

Mad TV - Polish Sausage

Funny winnebago commercial rep gets mad

Funny Kid from Comedy Central

Funny peugeot comercial

Funny Religious People Gone Wild

The quote from the submitter: "Uh huh, thats why I don't answer my door to them doorbell ringers. LOL thats crazy I swear". What do you think?

Accident: Dont Play With Fire

Why would somebody this dump playing with fire? Don't do it at home like him.

Funny - Big Man is Affraid of A Small Lizard on a Show

Looks like they are on live TV show.

Smart Animals

Tuesday, April 18, 2006



Pretty Girl Break Glass With Voice

Can you do that?

Funny Commercial - Girl, Bubble, Boobs

Very interesting and funny bubble gum! How about giving this gum to Britney Spears?

Funny - Broken Leg Man Does Dancing Revolution

I bet not that many normal people could dance as well as this guy!

Funny girl walk

Don't just look at the handsome man, watch your steps, lady!

Horrible Girl Singer at China Idol Show

Horrible Chinese Girl at Chinese singing competition. Is she your idol?

Funny Condom Commercial

Sneaky umbrella Trick

Sport: Plummet 4 segment

This compilation shows 4 stages of actions: pain, more pain, how to get pain, more details of how to get pain.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Girl: Outrageous Unofficial Britney Spears Music Video

A compilation of Britney Spears Music Videos

Accident: The Slam Video

This is a compilation of video clips showing things crashing, people getting hit by stuff, etc.

Humanity At Its Worst

Warning: Not Funny! We got some insane people in this world. If you can't handle bloody scene and violent scene, skip this one.
Extremely Violent & Outrageous Video Footages: VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED

Very Funny Accident Video Compilation

Sport: Old Lady Felt Off Bike

She felt on the muddy pod hole, at least it is not as bad as the concreet ground.

Sport: Painful Bike Fall

After you watch this video, you know why it is important to wear your gears and helmet. This guy felt horrible from his bike to the rail, and then to down the steps.

Sport: Amazing Moving Loop Jump

Sport: Amazing Bike Acrobatics

How many people does it fix on a normal bike? Count them up.

Sport: Painful Jump

It was very long flight Ouch!! He was able to manage to get up after that. Watch it.

Animal: Amazing Parrot

A talking and clever Yako (african grey parrot), just watch and listen.

Funny Dangerous Lions Prank

Funny Commercial - invisible police

You think you are quick, check this one out.