Saturday, March 25, 2006

cool tridimensional accident!

Real or not real?

funny commercila - playing football with muscle relaxers

car and motorcycle accident

Funny Dodge Commercial

Funny - Make love not terror

Funny Commercial

Pole Vaulter Pain

The slow motion will explain why.

Funny weird bloopers

Funny Dogs

Friday, March 24, 2006

Olay funny ad

Many Funny Crazy Crashes

Special Olympic - Don't be happy too soon!

Cool Transformer Volkswagen

Believe or not!

Mad TV - Bachelorette Party

SNL Spelling Bee - Very Funny

Cool Martial Arts moves!

The cool martial kid

Funny Jap Dance

Mad TV - Stick Chicks - Supersized Spies

SNL - Old Grocery Bag Boy

Do you believe them?

Maybe we can sell them something?! It is called the "Thing" from Heaven.

Big Wheel Wreck

This old man

The Daily Show-President Bush speaking to public

can you kiss your elbow?

How about you?

Flying Jap

Funny Phonetrick

Compilation of Funny Bloopers

Thursday, March 23, 2006

smoking chimp

Not only human, but chimp too.

Lots of funny bloopers

Pain Compilation

Some are very painful accidents.

Cool video about explosions

compilation of funny videos

Amazing basketball shot

Funny bloopers

The price is right blooper

An old techtv blooper.

Stocks Advise

Great "TIPS" on buying and selling stocks. hahaha!

Wear your skateboard gear

Guy breaks his arm while skateboarding. Outch! Wear your gears and stay away from the curbs.

Protecting Your Valuables - Viagra Ad

Funny ad with the boxers.

Let's Dance

Best Of George W. Bush

10 most wanted caught clips from George W. Bush. This is quite amusing.

Tip The Maid

hotel maid cleaning Toilet with a toothbrush, hide your toothbrush the next time you visit the hotel or tip the lady.

Mad TV - Elvis

Cool Paris Hilton Interview

What do golf balls have to do with beer?

The ad is very irrelevant, don't think?

Scare Tatics- Clinic

Funny Toyota RAV4 tv ad

Would you do the extreme to just drive this car?

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Watch out for stop sign, kiddo!

Italy, the proper greet to a woman by the Prime Minister

New Nissan PathFinder Commercial - WoW!

Talk about suspension system, really? Funny, but it could be offensive to some.

Funny Commercial - Beer?

Mad TV - Bank Teller

That really hurts

Unnecessary Censorship

Jimmy Kimmel Live best of clip

Road trip adventure

Funny Wiliam Hung American Idol Audition

funny office prank

Prank call

Who is that baby??

Garbage prank

Compilation of pranks

Mexican Wedding Girl's Denture Falls Out

Mexican Wedding, does this guy know who he is marrying?

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Puma Soccer freestyle

Funny Bike Crash

Biker Falls and causes a chain reaction

Best KnockOuts of 2005

Funny motorbike crash compilation

Super funny pedal bike crash

Crash Simulation

You better stop at the red light

Car Flying Crash

Quick, catch your eggs

Funny clips

biker crash

Now you know why it is more dangerous to drive a bike than a car.

Sensitivity Training

Very Funny - When nature calls

Funny Commercial

Silly commercial, I wonder if anybody has tried this with her boy friend.

Angry Guy

Karate Woman's Parking

Very nice done, movie magic!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Can't Stop Laughing

Family Guy - Peter's Physical

Funny guy singing - tunak tunak tun

Funny Fishing.....

Vaious Funny Clips

Banned Ad - The Alcohol effect

Funny Commercial. See what can alcohol do for you.

Funny Clip

Professor married his ex-student..

Don't try stunt on your own

Mad TV - Taco Bell

The fall

This is not my favorite ice cream....

Jim Carrey (Karate)

10.000st shoplifter

In a store a shoplifter gets a nice surprise

Scottish Air Traffic Controllers

Funny Guy Screwed the Board Breaking

Double Strike