Saturday, March 18, 2006

Wheres my Change??

Mad TV - President Bush on Cribs

His teeth fell out of his head !!

cat and a car

Mad TV - Pay Per View Yanni

Friday, March 17, 2006

Funny Live News Moments

Compilation of funny and embarrasing moments during live news broadcasts!

public farting

Stupid guy goes running by farting on tv

Cheap Guy

This guy stole meat and caught on tape. What a cheap guy!

College Life

Human Transformer

Funny American Idol Auditions

Girl fighting commercial...Miller LITE!!

Who is at fault??

Just because she's thin doesn't mean she doesn't fart. The fat girlgets the raw deal.

Mini michael jackson

New Funny Cat Video

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Funny & Sexy Hahn Beer Commercial

Mad TV - Goodnight America Tonight show with Bush

Funny Wiliam Hung American Idol Audition

Crash And Burn Mix

Angry fat office guy

He is very angry indeed. Don't try it at home or at work.

Police car crash

Be alert at all times!

Rolo Ads - Good Memory

How not to land a plane

Do you want your plane to land like this one??

Funny Pepsi Commercial

Kick you off your Bike

Some stupid idiot kicked the boy off the road.

Axe Commercial - Raining Armpit

Mad TV - Reality Check White House

Mad TV - Gay Hulk

Mad TV - Fiona Apple Video

Mad TV - Lesbian Girlfriend Meets the Parents

Extreme accidents - Some Are Quite Funny

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

How do you go down the stairs - part 2

How do you go down the stairs?

Silly Football Guy

Mad TV - World's Queeniest Police Chases

Collection of possible work accidents

Silly Woman

Very funny clips except the first one

funny water accidents

Funny Commercials - Axe

Love is in the air

Live TV Blooper

This happened on live TV in germany

Woman falls into basement

A woman at work doesn't notice that the door to the basemet is open and falls.

Girls funny accidents

Funny Beer Commercial

Man gets sunburned -- very unusual tan lines

funny accidents compilation

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Funny Accidents

A compilation of accidents and crashes

Do not attempt them yourself.

Extreme Sports

Stunt City -- The place where stunt doubles live

accidents happened at moscow tunnel

Very cruel accident

a pathetic driver's race

Are you treated fairly?

Sue Somebody

BEST Gym Class

Mad TV - Bunifa on Regis

Crazy Australian vs Homelessness and driver in Osaka Japan

Mad TV - Connie Chung and Aaron Spelling

Mad TV - Commercial - Spishak Excuses 98

Funny Candy Commercial

Horrifying Car Accident

Horrifying Car Accident Kill a man

funny family guy scenes

Monday, March 13, 2006

Luxury Airlines

The Daily Show - George W.

Silly Soccer Shot

man vs woman

Funny Google Maps Ad

Funny Paris Hilton German Commercial

Comedy Central - Volunteer of the year

Asian fatty makeover

This asian kid gets a makeover or something of that effect. No subtitles, but it's still hilarious to watch.

Comedian trailer

A movie trailer that makes fun of movie trailers...brought to you by Jerry Seinfeld.

Shocking Fun

Guy plays prank on his friend while working on a light switch. Don't do that at home!

People who keep the ER busy

Be Warn! They are not for the fainted heart.

Ouch. Stunts gone bad.

Be warn, not a fainted heart!
A collection of very painful clips. Stunts gone bad.

One dealy punch

Funny - Don't judge too quickly

funny commercial : Battle with the neighbor room

Crazy goalkeeper

xbox360 ad - Amazing Rope Jumping

Mad TV - Clinton Speech