Saturday, April 08, 2006

Amazing Two Legged Dog Story

This dog is remarkable. You be amazed on how well this dog survives.

Always looking to impress

Need to suck it up if you want to be impressive with the girl

Funny - Boy sells Girl Scout Cookies

Farting woman

Drypers - Funny Commercial

Truly absorbent diapers, don't leave home with them.

Very Funny Optic Commercial - Bowling Ball

Can you catch a falling bowling ball from the sky?

Cool Moto XXX Behind the Scenes Video Shoot

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Police tape Woman Employee Shits in Elevator

This is so freaky funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where is the bathroom? Oh, maybe there is no need for it. "Just do it!"

Topless Car Wash

This is so funny!

Finding the perfect girl

Funny Commercial - Good looking girl and crazy guys

Would you like to chase this girl too?

Funny Girl sings at top of her lungs

playing piano with his balls

Cool Sexy Beer Girl Orshy

Human Target

Stupid guy standing in front to be a target of firework. People do stupid things in this world.

Water Trap

Job Interviews

Executive Producer Matt Rosen interviews candidates for the News69 team. Listen to the conversations.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Farting Lady - Who is at fault?

Very funny

Wedding misfortune

Top Ten Accident Prone Foods

Funny Throw up Video

Cool Beer Girl Eva

Two Girls Fighting on Beach

Men fighting with each others woman

Fight like a man, not the woman

Let's Talk

Funny show about couple discussing problems

Funny Kirstie Alley Clip


Silly People Showing their Butts

What a bunch of idiots?! People do stupid things

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Torrie Wilson Gets Downed On Girls Gone Wild

Funny - Torrie Wilson goten smashed by a girl

SNL: Celeberty Jeopardy

Sex Before Marriage

Funny commercial, you have to watch the whole video.

QVC Guy on Ladder

Sexy Girl Breaking Sticks

What a unusual way of breaking sticks

Gold Ball for the Dumpest Person

An idiot decides to stand infront of someone striking the golf ball.

How to dump your girlfriend

Pay attention in the back seat.

Exploding Pen

Best of Accident Compilations